With the development of modern technologies, quality content, videos, series and films still have a number of limitations, they are not freely available to each viewer. Providers impose a choice, creating programming broadcast networks, setting tariffs for certain categories of popular programs. To solve this problem, in 2012 the Spuul portal was created, which is being reborn with the help of the decentralized Spokkz system to provide even better quality of its services.

The problem of modern media space.

     The main difficulty is the monopolization of content. Large industry players impose on the viewer certain films, show programs and charge an unreasonably high fee for viewing. This leads to a serious limitation of choice, also for the reason that single players can not break through to this market. Promotion of high-quality content may require excessive financial investments in the competition with large corporations. 

     The decentralized ecosystem of Spokkz was created in order to radically change this situation. Here, the viewer decides which films, series or videos are shown and at what cost. The common ecosystem, working primarily as a crowdsfunding site, allows establishing transparent and fair rules of market relations in the media space.

What is Spokkz?
     SPOKKZ allows the viewer to decide what content works - and at what price, giving him access to the decentralized ecosystem and the market. Through crowd-hosting and promotion of films and TV shows, viewers communities will join the producers, content creators, distributors, stars and advertisers as equal stakeholders. Viewers no longer need to pay monthly subscription fees. With Spokkz you can throw SPKZ tokens money and pay for viewing content through. And get the rewards bonus when your selected content works well. You also receive rewarded SPKZ tokens for sharing your favorite content with other community members. This is comparable to "cashback" for viewing and supporting videos.

Suggested Features

     Spokkz gives users access to the media market. Here everyone can support an interesting, in their own opinion, a film, a TV show, a telecast, voted for it or financed its creation. By helping to promote diverse content, ordinary viewers can join the industry stars, advertisers, creators and distributors of media products in the industry. 

     Crowdfunding project Spokkz is closely connected with the already very popular portal Spuul. This service is actively expanding. As of March 2018, Spuul has 60 million users worldwide and more than 4 million paid subscribers. Each month, their numbers are replenished with hundreds of thousands of new accounts. Currently, Spuul is a new word in television. Broadcasting is carried out mainly in Asian countries, but it is planned to expand to the states of America, and then to other continents. Today, Spuul offers its viewers more than 180 linear channels and 1,000 films for viewing. If desired, the user can at any time write down the content they liked on an available digital media.


     Spuul is committed to using technology, blockchain.info is strongly committed to interrupting traditional media models. And creates a platform for the stars, producers and spectators on the track perfectly. With the help of markers, helping viewers to finance the content of the media. The marker is used to provide financial rewards for influential people, as well as for the exchange of multimedia viewers.

Content Optimization
     Creators are increasingly losing the ability to optimize their revenues as intermediaries, such as cinema chains, OTT players, YouTube, etc., take the lion's share of revenues with less and less of the content creators themselves going to.

Desired Coverage
     Advertisers are increasingly unable to measure their effectiveness in reaching their audience. Digital advertising is becoming increasingly complex and with the growing importance of third-party partner networks, advertisers pay for advertising and promotions, but the effectiveness and measurement of this is becoming more and more opaque and less reliable.

Parties Concerned
     Spuul uses key blocking functions to transfer awards between users and optimal content exchange. Different stakeholders in the Spuul network are :
Community: The video application Spuul is the first dApp on the BL blockchainchain and already has a significant user network and revenue. The reward system is designed for all users of tokens as an incentive to watch, share, how, write reviews, comments and how to cast, and offer new content for TV shows and movies. After users collect tokens, they can be sold for the currencies on any ICO or stock exchange.

     The goal is the accumulation of funds, for the masses, to expand the transmission platform. The fund will be used to finance upcoming films and television programs. The SPOKKZ blochchain application will create an essential component that will allow members of the Spuul community to select and finance the various projects of your choice. Spuul will provide exclusive content transfer to the subscriber, without paying the company's previously incomes.

     The first layer of the SPOKKZ ecosystem is the creation of the Token and the participation of Spuul’s 60 million existing users and subscribers. These users already have a Spuul wallet today but Spuul will provide an additional function to enable users to subscribe to a Light Wallet or to add their Ethereum wallet address to their Spuul wallet. Once this is done, any SPOKKZ token user will be able to work with Spuul’s community and vice-versa.


The single settlement coin of Spokkz provides access to all the services of the crowd-diving area. It can be purchased at the ICO stage, and then earn for active participation in the life of the community (reposts, proposals, voting). Tokens Spokkz allow you to finance interesting projects, turning into one team creators of content and fans, as well as buying quality movies and videos for viewing. If desired, the coins available on the account can be exchanged for Bitcoin and Etherium for further withdrawal from their internal account.


Token Sale and Bonus Structure
The SPOKKZ Crowd Sale and Token Generation event will be done by SPOKKZ Global Foundation Limited, a Singapore incorporated company limited by guarantee and will be issuing the smart contracts running on Ethereum and later on Ontology’s main net.

Please for those of you who want to join the SPOKKZ project by visiting and registering on the official website below.

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